The Mighty Makers Mob Tackles Animoto!

The Mob has made some mightily awesome videos using Animoto, a free online video creation tool! Check them out here:

the cutest clara Animoto Video

My travel Animoto Video by Clara

Clara’s Awesome Video!!!

Dexter’s Video 1

Dexter’s Video 2

World by Arnav

Charuvi’s Video



Look at these awesomely creative holiday cards!

The Mighty Makers have struck again! Follow the links below to check out the awesome holiday cards they created at the second meeting! We used Scratch programming language to create these. But these are just the tip of the ice berg! Scratch is super fun and there are lots of amazing animations, games, and other projects you can create. Check it out at It’s free to join, create, and share!

Without further ado…

Happy Holidays from the Mighty Makers Mob!

Ryan’s Card

Clara’s Card

Dexter’s Card

Arnav’s Card

Charuvi’s Card

Interactive Holiday Cards with Scratch!

Attention Mighty Makers! Our next meeting is on Thursday December 5 at 3pm!

At the next meeting of the Mighty Makers Mob we will be creating our very own interactive holiday cards using the programming language Scratch! With Scratch, you can program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations! Check out some of the amazing projects others have done on Scratch here

Once you’ve finished your holiday card you can share it with family and friends!

Click the link below to see the holiday card Lena made as an example:

Lena’s Card

Make things! Do Stuff!

Young makers of Framingham, this is your space to post and share all of the awesome creations you make as part of the FPL Children’s Room Mighty Makers Mob!

What’s a maker, you ask? A maker is someone who creates things! We will be taking on lots of very cool projects from making movies to growing plants to crafting–maybe even making our own video games and apps! The sky’s the limit!

For some very cool ideas on what it means to be a maker visit the following website.

Your first mission, should you choose to accept it is to create a 15 second introduction video of yourself. That will be our first project when we meet for the very first time November 14th at 3:00pm. Once we’ve created our intro videos we’ll post them right here to this blog. Here are a couple of examples from your fearless leaders:


Check out some other examples on